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With experience ranging from delivery logistics, to industrial maintenance, to health care, to satellite systems, Zefs Data Science can help you plan, build, and execute a data science strategy that will maximize your ROI from the latest data-driven technologies.

Roy Keyes

Tom Marthaler Tom Marthaler

Roy Keyes, PhD

Roy Keyes is a data scientist and data science leader who has spent his career building and leading data science teams and executing data science projects. A computational physicist by training, Roy has worked with large international science teams, in the startup world, and in the halls of corporate America.

Tom Marthaler

Tom Marthaler Tom Marthaler

Tom Marthaler, MS

Tom Marthaler is a data scientist, data engineer, software developer, and manager with more than a decade of experience working in industries ranging from product fulfillment automation to social media analytics to network security to defense. His experience has taken him from some of the largest companies in the world to the earliest stage startups.